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Window Fitting



PVC Windows

PVC windows are some of the most popular type of windows because they are often the most affordable. Recent developments mean that PVC windows can come in a range of styles and colours to match your property and are great for energy efficiency. We have the knowledge and skills to fit any kind of PVC window and double glazing in Glasgow.


Timber Windows

Timber windows require a little more maintenance than alternative materials, but still have a lifetime of around 50 years. You can also stain timber windows to the exact shade you want, and this makes them the perfect choice if you want a more refined look.


Aluminum Windows

Modern advancements mean that aluminum windows are now energy efficient and won’t rust. The metal frame means that these windows are extremely sturdy and secure and offer great protection for your home. Required maintenance is also minimal.




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We can install windows in a number of styles including casement windows, tilt and turn windows and sash box windows. If you are looking for windows and double glazing in Glasgow, please get in touch to find our more

Door Fitting




PVC Doors

Just like windows PVC doors are excellent at insulating your property and require very little upkeep. Available in a number of different styles and colours, PVC doors are generally the cheapest type of door.


Timber Doors

Timber is a natural insulator and will last a long time. The main attraction of timber though, is its elegance. If you have a period home with a traditional style, these are the types of property that timber doors look perfect in.


Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors generally last longer than PVC doors and have great insulation properties. Aluminum generally requires less framework, and there are a range of slim options to really blend in with modern and contemporary styled homes.







Patio Door Fitting

As experienced window fitters and double glazers in Glasgow we regularly fit patio doors. There are a number of reasons to have a patio door fitted. Patio doors are a valuable commodity and will add beauty to your home. Looking through your patio doors towards a lush, green garden is something that homeowners really appreciate, and patio doors will increase the value of your home. The generous amount of glass in the doors exploits sunlight and will also save on your energy bills as you won’t have to turn your lights in the day.





 French doors and Double Glazing in Glasgow



French Door Fitting

French doors originated in the 17th century and are a stylish choice suitable for all sorts of homes. The substantial amount of glass that is structured into the doors means that generous amounts of sunlight will enter your home. The way the doors open inwards and outwards also means you can maximise the space in your rooms.



PVC Cladding in Glasgow


PVC Cladding

Heavy weather, UV light and damp often afflict walls, and if you are looking to minimise the damage these hazards cause, then we can fit PVC cladding to your property. PVC cladding is particularly good in withstanding very extreme weather, and is incredibly easy to preserve. The durability of PVC means that it is very affordable and is easily replaceable and repairable in the unlikely event there is serious damage. PVC cladding comes in a number of looks and styles to perfectly align with the look of your property.



 Shop fronts and Double Glazing in Glasgow


Shop Fronts

We are also experienced in working on commercial properties and can install doors, windows and cladding on shops, restaurants and bars. If you are renovating, refurbishing or starting afresh we can work with you to find the right doors and windows, whether they be aluminum, PVC or timber. We can work with all types of structure and can tailor our service to what you need.


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